May 2003

Along the Pacific coast from San Francisco to LA

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The Hoover tower at Stanford university in Palo Alto, California
The view across the campus at Stanford toward Sillicon valley
Several of the buildings at Stanford
View of the beachfront in Santa Cruz, California
Pippi at the beach in Santa Cruz
The beach in Carmel, California. The water was ice cold.
The Pacific ocean from highway 1. Big Sur, California
Big Sur, California
Big Sur, California
Big Sur, California
Big Sur, California
Highway 1, Big Sur, California
Big Sur, California
The view toward the campsite at Gaviota State Park north of LA
The train comes to town in Santa Barbara, California
The beach in Santa Barbara, California
Someone has a sense of humour in begging for money
The Mission in Santa Barbara
A recreated room of one of the missionaries at the Mission in Santa Barbara
The interior of the church of the Mission
A row of RVs (recreational vehicle) by the beach north of LA. I saw thousands of these in America
Me at the beach in Malibu, LA
Downtown LA
One of the sidestreets from Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, LA
Sunset Boulevard in one of the nicer spots
The Hollywood sign in the distance

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